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Page One Google or Page One Bing Your Goal? - Then DO NOT Do Any of the Following - By M Collins
Tuesday, 4 August 2009
Page One Google or Page One Bing Your Goal? - Then DO NOT Do Any of the Following - By M Collins
So you want to be one page one google and page one bing? PAGE ONE GOOGLE are you kidding me? For any keyword?

Yes, I am telling you it is entirely possible to be on page one of Google and page one of Bing and all the major search engines (and the minor ones for that matter-but why? hardly anyone uses those).

First of all to get on page one of Google or Bing you have to think about this: There is already someone on page one of google and page two of google! So what does that mean? It means if there is already someone there, then YOU can be there! Someone has already done it!

You just have to be as smart about getting there as they were, or smarter! ]

I charge a ton of money to get people there because what I have discovered over the past 15 years works! plain and simple. For those who want to get their company and website to page one Google and page one Bing, listen up, I am going to tell you a few key points to help you get there........or rather, what NOT to do!

Why would you want to be on page one of Google or Bing anyway? All that traffic, all that attention......haven't you worked long and hard enough so you now deserve to be hidden and not noticed? GET OFF of YOUR Quest to be on page one of Google......Make sure you are following these items exactly!

Here are a few DO and DON'TS (Don't do the following unless you WANT to be one page one Google or page one Bing)

1. Do NOT put your keyword in your URL- Google doesnt like that, and when researching for relevancy, people always like to have to look deep for their answers, it makes them feel better.

2. Do NOT include your Keyword in your domain name - It just confuses people and especially the search engine spiders

3. Never include your keyword in your title tag - This practice is sure to get you banned!

4. Don't put you keyword in your description tag either! EVER!

5. Don't even think of including your keyword in your H1, H2, or H3 tags - They are there just for looks!

6. Don't use any keywords in your Alt test image tags - no one uses computers that are old or slower anymore!

7. Over stuff your index page with your keywords, the more the better........Google won't even notice!

8. Link your site to other websites that have nothing to do with your product, company or service.

9. Immediately send your visitors to another page other than the one they clicked on, using meta refresh

10. Place your keywords in invisible text on each page!

11. Never use any anchor text in inbound links to your site.

12. Don't get listed in sites like DMOZ directory. People do not need to find you!

13. Getting listed in Yahoo's directory is way overrated, DON'T do it!

14. If you have a site that is older than 1 year, dump it. Site age works against you, Google likes new and fresh sites! (call me before you do this and we'll dispose of your old site, heh heh)

15. Cloak your site so that when you present one page to the search engine spider, you present another to everyone else - Google loves to guess!

16. Buy all your links from link farms! For sure! Google likes it when you "think outside the box"

17. Be sure and put all your text into graphic format, so that the search spiders can see them better

18. DO NOT build links over time and make sure, do not try to build links with other sites that have high page ranks or happen to be in the same industry as yours. Google likes diversificaiton.

There you have it, the 18 Top Ways to insure that you will NEVER be on page one of Google, Bing, Yahoo or most any search engine.

Now as you know, there are many factors to page one Google, Bing and Yahoo dominance, but this is a great place to start and get noticed.

Seriously,each of these search engines, Google especially, are constantly changing the way they rank and show things.....this is a good thing. It makes it better for the user. More and more relevancy. Each time someone searches for something on the web, they want to find it, plain and simple.

My hat's off to Google, Bing and Yahoo for doing such a great job at this and continuing to fine tune what makes that happen. It makes the whole experience better for everyone and it makes it even more important when you are planning or redoing your website, to make it relevant and make it true to what it's really about.

Getting page one google placement is king. Start by being smart about and thinking like your customer or end user would think (and don't forget to pay attention to the 18 things above!)

Have Fun!

I Wish You The Best of Luck in Your Quest for Page One Google! (Don't hesitate to call on the pro's when you need help)

I'll personally answer any questions you ask at


Page One Google
Page One Yahoo
Page One Bing

Posted by martycollins275 at 6:10 PM EDT
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